Thursday, April 2, 2009

Angel Always With Me

So today is a little bit better than usual.  Bittersweet, I guess.  It's cold and rainy out and I hate this weather.  But for some reason there is a stillness and peace about it.  This morning I was sitting here on the computer and something in my bathroom down the hall basically threw itself off the counter.  It made a HUGE noise!  I talk to my son frequently, so I said "Trev, is that you?"  Right after I asked, my alarm went off in the bedroom!  It wasn't set or anything!  It's almost like he had me chasing him around the apartment for fun.

It was fun.  Call me crazy, but I know my little boy is trying to show me he's okay.  Ever since I started honoring his life, he's been giving a little bit back.  Even just a few minutes ago I heard giggling.  Which is not odd, since there's a daycare in my apartment complex...but there are no children outside today, it's raining!

Believe what you will, I know these things don't make sense.  But I believe them;  I believe my son is with me.  So at least I can find comfort in these little signs.  Either way, I'm having a good day because of it...and I haven't have many of those lately.


  1. I'm so glad that Trevor is giving you signs! A LOT of angel mom's have similar stuff happen!! How wonderful :) Say hi to Trevor for me and tell him to take a kiss to Calypso in heaven for me

  2. Hugs! I am so glad you are noticing little thing. It's amazing isn't it?

  3. It is amazing. And I'm starting to learn that I can be so glad my Angel is in Heaven! It's an awesome feeling, peace.