Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In response to your help...

Thank you all for your help and concerns.

I don't know anything about them sending his placenta away.  I know Nicholas didn't even give them my real name.  They had no history on me, nothing.  In a way then, it is my fault, too.  But at the time I was 19, stupid, and not realizing how later on in life I would regret these things so much.  As much as I want to know the truth, I almost don't (does that make sense?)

Gestational diabetes is something I didn't even know could cause weight gain in a baby.  Three of my cousins went through that with almost all of their children, so it's possible.  This is the thing, I hate being uneducated on the topic, but I don't even know where to begin the research.  And I only recently started letting my son's memory into my mind, even if he was born four years ago, it's all new to me.

The thing that made me so mad was seeing all these stories and videos of 22-weekers (and even one 21-weeker!), who survived.  The thing is, even if it was procedure not to save a baby at 22 weeks, wouldn't his bigger size warrant them at least a try?  1lb. 6oz. is a big boy for 22 weeks!  He might've been 9+lbs. at full term!

I don't know, but over all I am under the impression that no one even tried to save my son; and that, infuriates me.


  1. Ok huni please tell me to shut up if I'm out of line but it sounds like you need closure. Have you contacted the hospital you gave birth to Trevor at? They keep the records for a MINIMUM of 7 years in this country some longer. You CAN request your AND Trevor's full history. That would tell you everything you want to know. Also not to get your hopes up but a LOT of hospitals DO take photos for THEIR records. So they might have a photo or two of Trevor

    Even if your real name wasn't given to the hospital they do keep the records they have to by law

    I hope this info may help you some

  2. See, now someone else told me they by law CAN'T keep records if we didn't want them. I could call though, couldn't hurt. You're right, I DO need closure. But honestly I'm not even sure of the name he gave. His sister was the one who tried to remember as much as possible for me, but she was out in the waiting room for most of it, and clearly, Nicholas and I are not on speaking terms.

    Thank you for all of your help. I will let you know if I find out the truth; even some of it.

  3. >See, now someone else told me they by law CAN'T keep records if we didn't want them. <

    Nope that is not true at all. The hospitals in this country HAVE to keep records. EVEN just ER records. I think the minimum for ER records alone is 5 years

    I'd call, even if it's just to find out they can't help. That way you aren't wondering

    I'm going to say a huge prayer for you. My friend who lost her son 5 years ago and was told 'oh no you shouldn't see the baby' last week got 2 u/s photos and 1 regular photo of her son. Because she kept picking at the hospital until they gave them to her. So I'm holding hope for you!