Monday, September 28, 2009

I Heart Faces: "Something Blue"

When I first saw this week's theme at I Heart Faces, this was the first photo I thought of entering. Miles here is my best friends' son (i.e., my "nephew"), and on this particular day he was running through the sprinkler in his little blue-and-white wet suit. Obviously, the color of his eyes goes along with this week's them as well. Yes, they're really that color (his sister's are, too!)...this photo hasn't even been so much as cropped! Straight from the camera, I swear! Photos like this really are worth a thousand words.


  1. what a sweet little face :) but he looks so sad. his eyes really are quite beautiful - thanks for sharing!

    my blue shot is posted now also. feel free to come over for a visit anytime :O).

  2. AAAWWW what a cutie pie! I just love baby eyes, especially blue baby eyes. Great shot! =)

  3. Burrr, he looks cold! Looks like he had a great day in the water... priceless expression!